Pedigree des D-Wurfs



COI (Inzuchtkoeffizient über 10 Generationen): 7.0%

Dr. Watson of Ben's Fairyland "Watson" DNA-CP

black tri (c/w) - red factored

HD A1, ED 0, OCD free
MDR1 (+/+)
HSF4 N/N (by parentage)
CEA N/N (by parentage)

geb. 04/09/2012

Oxford’s Ewe Zig Zag Zoom DNA-CP BH SVCH WTCH CH Windmills Need For Speed JS-N-OP JS-E-OP RS-E GS-E OTDs WTCH CH Little Spot Spector DNA-VP
CH Windmills Sweet N Sassy DNA-CP
Oxfords Its About Tyme For Ewe HOF Oxfords Heartbreak Express STDd OTDcs GS-N JS-O RS-E
Oxfords Lacy Image For Ewe STDs
Legends StarN Queen of the Jungle CH Old West Bandit of Heartfire HOF CH Heartfires Willin N Able
CH Outlaws Saloon Girl of Oldwest
CH Legends StarN Magic Happens STDcs CH Legends Albuquerque Low CD CGC DNA-CP
CH Legends WishUponAStar Nitani

Arwen of JJ's Magic Garden DNA-VP

Black (C/W) red factored


HD A2, ED 0,
MDR1 (+/+)
HSF4 (N/N) (by parentage)
CEA (N/N) (by parentage)

geb. 1/3/2010
Bullaburra Hide and Seek
Blue C/W RF
SRN Eagle Red Hot Masquerade CDX JS-O RS-N GS-N VDH-BH FCI-OB3 A2 AJ2

CH Legends Albuquerque Low CD CGC DNA-CP
VCH WTCH Ch SRN Eagles Holiday Wishes CDX JS-O RS-O
Nl Ch Laverton Yutah
Blue C/W
Artistics It Had To Be Fate
Touchstone Third Degree O'Aran
Jakira Chiara CHR
Black C/W
Moon Rise DeeOGee Ch Moon Rise Achievement
Mar-A-Lagos Pandoras Box
Four Chimney Ranchs Hope
Red C/W
Horsemans Red Balou
Four Chimney Ranchs Curly